Chettinad, Tamil Nadu
Deep in the heart of South India, away from the beaten track and removed from the commonplace, is the treasure trove called Visalam. Located between Trichy and Madurai in the heart of the Chettinad region, Visalam is a lovingly restored mansion dating back a half century. It illuminates for the discerning visitor, not just a land, but also a community and its way of life. The Chettiars were and are prosperous traders with a far-flung diaspora, but their roots are here, in this ancient land of Chettinad. And Visalam is typical of the fine mansions they built in celebration of life and prosperity.

The Visalam experience blends old world grace with expansive modern comfort. 15 spacious rooms have been created with minimum intervention, the fine Art Deco-influenced facades untouched. The serene swimming pool provides a welcome respite after a day’s outing in the town. The distinctive cuisine of Chettinad is famous the world over, and the interactive kitchen here allows you to see exactly how it came to be so. Fried Murrell, delicately spiced lamb, robust curries with top-notes of spices can be sampled in separate spaces: the breakfast lounge, the lunch room, and in the evening the lamp-lit warmth of the terrace deck.
Activities and Excursions :
The Chettinad region is famous for its beautiful temples and extravagant mansions built over the years by the Chettiars. A couple of nights here will allow you to experience their legacy. Apart from that there is the basket weaving industry and the flourishing, local Authangudi tile making industry. The local bazaars are full of stone carvers, silver smiths, wood carvers, the diamond merchants and much more.
How To Get There :
Chettinad is 80 km (1 ½ hour) from Trichy and 105 km (2 hours) from Madurai – both these places have well-connected airport and railway station.
Price :
For special deals, please mention 'Visalam' in the subject and write to us.
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