Shahpura Bagh
Shahpura Bagh with its heavenly 45-acre working farm estate surrounded by two lakes provides a unique setting in rural Rajasthan. Now a boutique property, it was previously the summer residence of the rulers of Shahpura.

Shahpura Bagh houses 6 Suites and 4 Deluxe Room complete with all the modern amenities. The rooms are uncluttered and spacious, with the emphasis on light and openness achieved by high ceilings, large windows and wide doors leading to the lush greenery outside. Delightfully light meals are prepared using home grown organic vegetables. Located at a secluded spot within its 45-acre expanse, the Bagh's pool has 8000 sq feet of deck space to relax and sunbathe.
Activities and Excursions :
The Shahpura region has a rich varied landscape dotted with many man-made lakes teeming with over 180 species of birds. Boating and walks can be arranged to these lakes.
The nearby Ram Dwara, the revered ancient temple, is worth a visit.
A short 30-minute drive from the Bagh is Dhikhola, a quaint and rustic village, where lies a fort owned by the family.
How To Get There :
Shahpur is a convenient drive from a lot of tourist destinations such as Jaipur (220 km / 4 hours), Ranthambore (185 km / 4 hours), Deogarh (125 km / 2 hours), Bundi (107 km / 2 hours), Udaipur 220 km (4 hours).
Price :
For special deals, please mention 'Shahpura Bagh' in the subject and write to us.
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