Sarai at Toria
Near Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh
The Sarai at Toria is a uniquely designed accommodation situated on a beautiful riverside site, close to Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh. It can be a destination in itself, as the surrounding area is full of wonderful history and natural beauty. This luxurious but earth-friendly small retreat is envisaged as the founding component of a wider project that seeks to play a positive role in the economic and social development of the local area.

Located amidst agricultural land in un-spoilt countryside, the Sarai at Toria spreads over nine acres of undulating land. With the river on one side and a small forest patch at the back, it provides many lovely corners for hideaway reading and relaxation.

It lies on the west bank of one of Indiaís most beautiful rivers, the River Ken, which is a large tributary of the mighty Yamuna. Flowing through the Panna Tiger Reserve, the Kenís clean and clear waters support a rich array of aquatic and avian life.

The Sarai at Toria at present has 6 independent cottage rooms, each having attached bathrooms, verandas and private courtyards.
Activities and Excursions
Sarai at Toria offers boat rides and fishing on the pristine Ken river, walks through the crop fields of the surrounding countryside and birding on site or at nearby forest and wetland areas.

Nearby destinations include:
Khajuraho -
This world heritage site of 1000-year-old temples is well known for its magnificent sculptures.
Panna Tiger Reserve -
The reserve encompasses a unique landscape of gorges and plateaus that provide important habitat for an abundance of central Indian dry forest species.
Rock paintings -
See the ancient art of past civilizations along the escarpments of the Panna Tiger Reserve.
Waterfalls -
Some of these are historic and seasonally very dramatic.
Maheba/Dhubela -
See the majestic Chhatris of the Bundela Maharaja, Chhatrasal (1649Ė1731) and his queens and explore the remaining ruins of his capital city. The Dhubela museum, situated in an old fort, contains sculptures and artifacts revealing more of the "historical enigma" of the Bundela kings.
Ajaygarh Fort -
A rarely visited wonderful hilltop fort that has equally rich and even older temples and carvings than Khajuraho. These ruins are situated in dry forest, in a setting similar to how Khajuraho may have been when it was rediscovered.
How To Get There :
The Sarai at Toria is located only half an hourís drive from Khajuraho. It lies on the banks of the River Ken, less than 2 km from the entrance to the Panna Tiger Reserve at Madla. Khajuraho is well connected to major cities by road, rail and air.
Price :
For special deals please write to us.
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