Ramathra Fort
Ramathra Fort is a small fort-palace hotel in rural Rajasthan with breathtaking views of the countryside and a lake teeming with birds. What distinguishes it from many other fort-palaces is its remoteness. The fort has a strong perimeter wall crowned with parapets and its ramparts offer spectacular views over the farmlands.

Guest accommodations at Ramathra include 6 elegant suites and 6 tents. The suites are all furnished with beautiful furniture, nice linens, and hand-woven rugs come. Whilst all suites provide spectacular views of the countryside, two of them even have private terraces. The tents are set against the fort's rampart walls, surrounding a courtyard lawn.
Activities and Excursions :
The nearby Kalisil Lake is a rich feeding ground for ducks, storks and cormorants who visit every winter and there are plenty of local water fowl to see year round. A two to three seater boat equipped with paddles and life-vests is available for rent with or without a guide to bird watch, search for crocodile dens and possible crocodile sightings.
Jeep safaris from the fort take you across the Daang plateau that stretches from the Chambal valley to Ranthambore through its badlands and wild animal sightings to several spectacular places such as Utgir Fort, Cave Temples and the Chuaki gorge.
One may go on a walking tour of the Ramathra village, a small hamlet of farmers and herders, devoid of any commercialisation. Among its numerous shrines, the Ganesh Mandir and Shiva Mandir give the best flavour of local religious life.
How To Get There :
Ramathra Fort is located just south of the golden triangle of Jaipur, Agra and Delhi. It is 225 km (5 hours) from Agra, 180 km (4 hours) from Jaipur, 175 km (4 hours) from Bharatpur and 80 km (2 hours) from Ranthambore.
Price :
For special deals, please mention 'Ramathra Fort' in the subject and write to us.
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