Near Amritsar, Punjab
Punjabiyat, pronounced punjab-i-yat, meaning 'being Punjabi', 'essence of Punjab', 'quintessential Punjabi', is meant to be an expression of the jest and effervescence of the Punjabi culture and its large heartedness.

Located about an hourís drive from Amritsar amidst vast blooming green fields pulsating with vivacity and prosperity, the area is well connected but by the time you reach the farm (the last few minutes on foot as you leave the tarmac road behind) you would think you were a million miles away in splendid isolation well away and out of sight of any roads or houses.

This is the agricultural heartland of Punjab. Lush green fields as far as eyes can see, glittering in the sun and merging into the distant horizon. Surprisingly, just a few decades ago this area was a waste marshland and if not for un-relentless enterprising efforts for some farmers it would have remained so till date.

Punjabiyat offers you the opportunity to experience life on a live farm ensconced within the rustic smell of the country. Stylishly simple four standalone cottages and a spacious lounge nestle in the gleaming expanse of farmland offering peaceful yet stimulating environment. Food is serious matter in Punjabi culture and hence our food is emblematic of how Punjab welcomes you with its bounty.

Reconnect with your roots, experience the tranquillity of countryside and farm life, and walk along the sprawling acres of carefully nurtured crop. Gaze at the rural idylls as the shadows lengthen and a spectacular sunset follows, and when night comes be mesmerised by the sky with its millions of glittering stars. Truly, this is a magical place with a twist of unpretentious luxury.
Activities and Excursions :
A stay at Punjabiyat is a great way to learn about farming and country life.

Those of a lazy disposition may be happy just to sit out in the front deck of their cottage or the cosy lounge and gaze at the glorious fields during the day and starlit sky at night. There is nothing to disturb the calm unless you count the chirping of birds or the crops swaying in the fields.

Setting out from your cottage there are extensive opportunities for walking and cycling with a good network of footpaths and trails. You can chat with locals, keen to share their familyís farming history and who are knowledgeable about the local landscape.

You can partake in various ongoing farming activities, feel and smell the soil of this fertile land and temporarily forget your urban existence. The water table in the area is very high due to the presence of multiple canals and a dip in our tube well tank with water gushing out at full force is quite an invigorating experience.

Around Punjabiyat

About 20 minute cycle ride from Punjabiyat is a Dairy Farm where you may learn about this rural industry and even participate in milking the cows.

The famous Sikh temple, Kallukara, is located about 20 minutes walk from here. The religious ceremonies held at the temple early in the mornings and on weekends are a must see.

Final touches are being given to a Sikh History Museum close to the lodge. The museum is one of the three being built by the Punjab government to encourage youngsters to take pride in their culture and history.

Amritsar (1 Hour): Amritsar, literally meaning "holy pool of nectar" is the spiritual and cultural centre of the Sikh Religion.

Wagah Border (1 Hour): Wagah is an army outpost on India-Pakistan border between Amritsar and Lahore. It is an elaborate complex of buildings, roads and barriers on both sides. Everyday of the year, just before sunset, a flag lowering ceremony takes place between the two countries which lasts for about 45 minutes.
How To Get There :
Punjabiyat is around 9 hours drive away (around 450 kms) from Delhi and just over an hour drive away (around 75 kms) from Amritsar.
Price :
For special deals, please mention 'Punjabiyat' in the subject and write to us.
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