Patan Mahal
Historically, Patan has been an important outpost for the capital, having played the backdrop for numerous wars featuring many ancient Northern rulers.

Located above the city of Patan is Patan Mahal, a delightful palace representing traditional Rajasthani architecture. It is home to Rao Digvijay Singh who has now opened it to the discerning traveler. The palace is well-located with an unhindered birds-eye view of the 13th century ancestral fort and another palace called Badal Mahal which stands loftily at an imposing 2000 ft above sea level.

The palace offers 18 rooms with all modern amenities, while maintaining the original character of the building. The period furniture showcases the skill and expertise of the Rajasthani artisan, the beautiful paintings on the wall and roofs have been carefully restored. There is a lovely swimming pool with magnificent views of the surrounding landscape.
Activities and Excursions :
The palace grows most of the food it serves and a stroll through the fields is an invigorating experience.

You can trek up the hill for a day long picnic at the ruins of the Badal Mahal. If you’re feeling even more adventurous, the trek up to a nearby 800-year-old fort is well worth the time. The fort is one of the few in India to never have been conquered by an invading army. A combined force of the Marathas and the French were the last to try, and having unsuccessfully laid siege to the city, the French commander compared the fort to the Rock of Gibraltar.

Also close by is a step well, or baori. The nature lovers will love the nooks and crannies scattered all over the property where they can hide away for hours, reading, meditating or relaxing. And if you’d like a taste of a typical Rajasthani village, all you have to do is to step out of the gates of the palace to explore the quaint alleys and roads of the village.
How To Get There :
Patan is located 157 km from Delhi and 100 km from Jaipur, on the Kotputli Sikar road, off the National Highway 8. Patan is located within driving distance from Samode - 85 km and Mandawa 123 km. The nearest airport and railway station is Jaipur.
Price :
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