Jhira Bagh Palace
Near Mandu, Madhya Pradesh
Surrounded by 25 acres of farmland, lush green lawns, fruit orchards, and organic farm, Jhira Bagh is a 162 year old palace that has been restored and converted into a small heritage hotel.

The palace offers 16 rooms with each one offering its own thematic charm. Rosewood doors, modern bathrooms, handcrafted period furniture, massive four poster beds, and large silk sofas are some of the features of these rooms.

The meals are prepared with ingredients grown organically on the palace farms and milk is supplied by the cows of the palace dairy.
Activities and Excursions :
One can ride horses, visit the palace museum, play table tennis or snooker, tour the palace farms and dairy, go bird watching, or simply relax on a hammock under the shade of a tree with a book and a drink for company.
There are several day excursions possible from Jhira Bagh:
Mandu, 30 km, is one of the most interesting sights in central India. It is the largest standing fortified city in the world and nothing can prepare the visitor for the first sight of this haloed city.
Maheshwar, 70 km, is an ancient town with sacred Narmada River flowing through it and several ghats and temples lining its banks.
Bagh, 86 km, is famous for Buddhist caves dating between 400 and 700 AD.
How To Get There :
Indore (60 km / 1 hour) is the nearest airport as well as a rail station which is connected by flights to Delhi and Mumbai and by trains with the entire country. A visit to Jhira Bagh may be combined with other interesting places of the region like Bhopal, Maheshwar, Ujjain, etc.
Price :
For special deals, please mention 'Jhira Bagh Palace' in the subject and write to us.
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