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All our tours are customised to your needs and meticulously planned within your budget. Our team is dedicated to providing the perfect experience and we work closely with you to get everything just right. Never compromising on quality, we keep developing your unique itinerary until it satisfies all your requirements.

Please provide us the below information on contact@greatindiangetaways.com and expect to hear from us within 24 hours with suitable itinerary and prices!
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Some Suggestions

In Indian towns and cities there is a constant struggle between the ancient, medieval and present, rich and poor, and traditional and modern. And not surprisingly, Indian cities are a cornucopia of images. As one walks through them, one is awed by the ancient structures strewn around, the vibrant markets, the variety of street food, the colourful people, the multi-cultural mix of mosques, churches and temples and the sheer throbbing energy of the country.

We believe the best way to know a country and people is through close interaction with its popular culture. Our wide range of culture tours offer a glimpse of India’s popular culture that is real, intense, interactive and fun.
India nearly has 350 mammals, 2100 species of birds and thousands of fish and reptiles. Of the highly endangered species, India has 55% of world’s tiger population, 50% of Asiatic Elephant, 60% of One-horned Rhino and 100% of Asiatic Lion. Unlike Africa where all major species have almost exclusive habitats, in India, they co-exist in the wildlife parks providing excellent opportunities for wildlife viewing.

India is also very rich in bird-life; flocks of remarkable birds can be sighted in the various sanctuaries and national parks. In particular, the sighting is good during the winter months due to the presence of a large number of migratory birds.
India has something for everybody. For those who are interested in special-interest travel - Architecture, Archaelogy, Museums, Food, Textiles, etc, we offer wide choice of travel.

Due to our vast repertoire of research scholars on diverse fields and understanding of local conditions, we are particularly equipped to provide ‘research and liaison support’ to special interest travels like documentary film makers, film shoots, University study tours, etc.

Besides travel, we also arrange for long-duration stays to facilitate participatory research, field-projects, learning and training on a number of special interest subjects.
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