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India Family Holidays
India is a great destination for family vacations. Not only Indians love children, there are a large number of informal hotels of great charm to host a family vacation. The destination has many attractions for children in most parts of the country. Any child would love a cycle rickshaw ride, game drive to see the elusive tiger, have fun interaction with tame elephants and joy ride on a camel while camping in sand dunes...

Write to us for a custom family holiday at contact@greatindiangetaways.com and expect to hear from us within 24 hours with suitable itinerary and prices!
Some Suggestions

Enjoy a family holiday in the vibrant and colourful state of Rajasthan designed to reveal the highlights of this fascinating and enigmatic place. There are a large number of children oriented activities that can be included in this tour such as rides on cycle rickshaw and horse-driven carriage, camping in the sand dunes, a day spent bathing, feeding and painting an elephant, and also a short cycling tour.

Rajasthan is also known for a large number of fairs and festivals that are celeberated here round the year. Participating in a fairs or a festival is a great way to show your children the foreign traditions and customs.
Kerala is one of the best destinations in India for a family holiday. Often referred to as the jewel of southern India, Kerala offers everything that a family might look for in a holiday – interesting culture, the magical Backwaters, lush plantations, vast mountains, diverse wildlife, and lovely beaches.

In our family holidays of Kerala, enjoy a mixture of sightseeing with a range of fun-filled activities suitable for families. Enjoy an overnight cruise on a houseboat and end the tour with couple of days of leisure at a sandy beach.
If your children love nature and willdife, India is just the destination. Thanks to a vast variation in geography and climate, India has exciting diversity in habitats and wildlife with nearly 350 mammals, 2100 species of birds and thousands of fish and reptiles. Of the highly endangered species, India has 55% of world’s tiger population, 50% of Asiatic Elephant, 60% of One-horned Rhino and 100% of Asiatic Lion.

Most of these wildlife parks and sanctuaries have good accommodation facilities (luxury resorts, tented camps, nature camps) available within their premises or nearby. Depending on the area and terrain, wildlife watching may be done from elephant-back, jeeps, watchtowers or even boats.
Diverse landscapes (beaches, mountains, rivers, backwaters, desert), amazing setting of small villages, charming local cultures, quaint country roads, amazing wildlife - all provide the perfect blend for memorable active tours for families.

Enjoy fun-filled adventure activities such as hiking, cycling, wildlife safari, bird-watching, river-rafting, camping in our family active tours. These tours offer great opportunity to interact with the local people and get acquainted with their lives.
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