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India Ayurveda Retreats
We offer upto 30% discounts on Ayurvedic Packages in India. We have hand-picked some of the most exclusive Ayurvedic Resorts in inspiring and uplifting locations. Be it high in the Himalayas, by an exotic beach, on the serene Backwaters or a safari tent in the desert, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Come relax, restore, renew and re-connect with your true nature and the one surrounding you. Get away from your hectic schedules and nurture your soul. Write to us and treat yourself to a hassle-free vacation that is tailored for your holistic needs.

Write to us at contact@greatindiangetaways.com for a custom-made wellness tour and expect to hear from us within 24 hours with suitable options!

Ayurveda or the "science of longevity" is the traditional Indian system of cure. It is known to promote positive health, natural beauty and long life. Ayurveda believes that nature and human beings should be in perfect harmony. Diseases occur when the equilibrium between these two is disrupted. Restoration of this fundamental balance through the use of nature and its products is the main goal of this ancient medical system.

Ayurveda believes in the treatment of not just the affected part, but the individual as a whole. The stress is on prevention of bodily ailments and nor just curing them. There are no distressing side effects and it has, today, become an internationally acclaimed form of healing, rejuvenation and healthy living.

Commonly called Panch Karma, Ayurvedic rejuvenation therapy is the oldest scientific system for detoxifying and re-nutrifying the body. It rejuvenates the whole system, bringing youthfulness and strength to the body and calm openness to the mind. One of the most common healing methods is the massage, which is to a great extent, integrated into the Ayurvedic rejuvenation therapies. An ancient tradition, massage focuses on creating a sense of relaxation in a person. It works by re-activating the blood circulation in the system through a method of rubbing and kneading on the specified part of the body.

There are a number of therapies and the time frame varies from a few days up to two weeks depending upon one's requirements. Ayurvedic Centres are located mainly in South Indian state of Kerala, these hotels/resorts offer excellent lodging facilities and Ayurvedic packages.

Most commonly, therapies are undertaken for:
  • General massage for rejuvenation
  • Body purification & body immunization
  • Spondylitis, arthritis, hemiplegia and nervous disorders
  • Obesity and rheumatic ailments
  • Stress, mental tension, insomnia, headaches etc
  • Sinusitis, migraine and chronic cold
  • Skin Care, Beauty Care, Body Slimming etc
You're never too young or too old to reap the health benefits of yoga.

Yoga, the Sanskrit word for "union", is a practice that uses posture and breathing techniques to induce relaxation and improve strength, and its health benefits surpass those of any other activity. And while there are many different kinds of yoga, ranging from the gentle hatha yoga to the more strenuous Bikram yoga or power yoga, every form of yoga improves your health from head to toe.

India offers a lot of opportunity for Yoga Retreats. These retreats may be done in the High Himalayas (in the mountain states of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand) to the banks of holy Ganges (in Haridwar - Rishikesh) to any secluded place. Indeed, one may undertake an intense Yoga Retreat with the sole purpose of advancement in one's yoga endeavour or may simply get away to one of the resorts for quiet and peaceful private sessions of yoga.

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