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Destination Weddings in India
Imagine exchanging wedding vows with your beloved against a palatial backdrop. Imagine celebrating your 40th birthday or 10th wedding anniversary with a select group of friends in the middle of a desert in a private camp. Imagine enjoying a bachelors’ party or friends’ reunion at a mountain retreat or at thousand-plus acre tea estate.

Formerly the exclusive domain of celebrities and ultra-rich, destination parties in recent years have become more accessible to people looking to break away from ‘run of the mill’. Also, organising an event can become quite stressful and tiring for the host family, leaving them little time and energy to enjoy the event. By letting a professional outfit organise the party makes the event far more relaxing and enjoyable. Surprisingly enough, it also works out more affordable than a traditional wedding or party in claustrophobia inducing city banquet halls.

Our scenic properties offer you perfect settings for your celebrations. We offer ideas, locations, service and facilities to suit your requirements:
  • Our team will help you choose the ideal venue as per your requirements and logistics involved

  • We have the experience to conceive and execute the most complex and elaborate events for private parties involving 10 to hundreds of people

  • We will take care of all your travel arrangements to and from the party destination – including accommodation, local sightseeing, entertainment and local transportation for your guests

  • Our onsite co-ordinator will efficiently orchestrate the whole event allowing you to enjoy with your friends and family like a vacation

  • We enjoy hugely discounted deals with the hotels and will devise a competitive and affordable package for you

  • We will set up a personalised webpage for you that will have all event related information which we will regularly update for the convenience of all the invitees
So, if you choose to share your next special occasion with your larger family and friends and would like to do that in style, do let us know at contact@greatindiangetaways.com and we would be happy to assist you.

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