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Corporate Retreats India
Imagine if you were just 15 or 20 people needing peace and quiet for brain-storming, but the venue was a 200-room chaotically noisy resort. Would you get the environment and personalised care you desire? Imagine if you headed out for a team-building exercise, but the venue barely had space for parking. Wouldn’t your objective then go for a toss?

Corporate Retreat sometimes means a large conference. Or it could mean a small project team heading out to brain storm. It could also be an ‘incentive’ program for the deserving executives. Or, it could be a team-building exercise. To accommodate all such scenarios, we offer’ a range of distinctive locations away from the maddening crowd.

Corporate Retreats conducted in such exceptional settings and picturesque surroundings with a relaxing and inspiring environment get transformed into memorable experiences for your clients and employees.

So the next time you’re planning a Corporate Retreat, let us help with some new ideas. Do write to us at contact@greatindiangetaways.com

With Great Indian Getaways you can be assured of:

We select a location keeping in mind the activities in which you’ll be engaging, the type of environment and setting you’re looking for and what you’re hoping to achieve, so that no nasty surprises await you at the venue.


Managed by a team of travel professionals (with a collective experience of decades in organising travel related services), we can be relied upon to ensure perfect preparation and co-ordination of every aspect of the event – including the services of a dedicated on-site coordinator.


We can organise various team-building activities designed to challenge and motivate the team - from cycling, trekking, hiking, wildlife safari, water sports, to tribal and cultural tours.


Should your event call for elegant banquets, theme dinners and galas, musical and dance soirees and local cultural performances, we have the ideas and facilities to meet those requirements as well. For accompanying spouses and children, we can arrange local sightseeing and day-long excursions, shopping, etc.

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